Bram Versprille

‘This rootstock definitely deserves to be used in practice’

Bram Versprille, Former manager of Vermeerderingstuinen Nederland (Propagation Nurseries of the Netherlands)

“In 2008 Fleuren submitted a quince rootstock to the Propagation Nurseries for virus-free multiplication. A distinctive characteristic of Q-Eline is its better resistance to low temperatures. The attractive upright growth habit and high production also make this rootstock stand out in a positive way. To ensure good establishment it is however important to prevent the risk of the rootstock drying out.
The Dutch Applied Plant Research Institute PPO and other organisations have carried out some trials, but more trials will have to be done on a larger scale to obtain a better impression of the potential applications. Quality aspects such as the colour of the pears, their keeping quality and retail shelf life will become apparent in the production chain. I would like to hear what consumers have to say about how much bronze colouring pears should preferably have, because I think that colour, hardness and shape are consumers’ main priorities in buying pears.
As susceptibility to frost may be a major problem in the case of quince rootstocks, this rootstock definitely deserves to be used in practice.”