Winnie Roelofs

‘Great added value for the arboricultural and fruit sectors’

Winnie Roelofs, Boomkwekerij Roelofs, Zeewolde (the Netherlands)

“We set up our first Q-Eline stool beds in the spring of 2013. The first plants will be ready this winter. We also have trees grafted on Q-Eline that will be ready for delivery in the 2015/2016 season.
The great advantages of Q-Eline are that this rootstock is fairly unsusceptible to frost damage and more compatible with, for example, Conference and B.A. Lucas than C and Adams quinces. The plants also have a much straighter growth habit than the other quince varieties, making the work at the nursery a lot easier and quicker.
In my opinion too many fruit growers are still unaware of the major advantages of this rootstock. If I were a fruit grower, I would plant nothing but pear trees grafted on Q-Eline. They offer the arboricultural and fruit sectors great added value!”