Adrie Verbeek

‘Q-Eline was the only rootstock that survived the frost of 2012’

Adrie Verbeek, Verbeek Boomkwekerijen, Steenbergen (the Netherlands)

“Via Boomkwekerij Fleuren we came into contact with the pear rootstock Q-Eline. We have now been using this rootstock at our nursery for a few years. A major advantage is its earlier moisture expulsion, making it better resistant to frost. At our nursery, Q-Eline was the only rootstock to survive the severe frost we had in the spring of 2012. The pears’ smoother skin may be a drawback in some respects, but certain markets and countries will on the contrary welcome it. This is something that will have to be further investigated. Q-Eline’s greater frost resistance certainly implies opportunities, and the rootstock may definitely have added value for the fruit-tree sector.”