‘The rootstock is productive and very winter-hardy in the United States’

Dave Weil, Tree Connection, Dundee (United States)

“We are involved in Q-Eline as the main licensee in the United States, and we coordinate the distribution and sale of the rootstock under the United States Plant Patent 19562. We also coordinate all sublicensees who want to distribute the rootstock.
The first trials that were carried out here showed that Q-Eline is productive and winter-hardy and produces pears of a good quality and size. If further trials confirm that Q-Eline grows well over here and produces good pears, the rootstock will in the future be very suitable for our new high-density orchards. We are now supplying rootstocks to growers for further trials in the United States. We are also keeping a close eye on developments in Europe, and see that trial results and experiences are very good over there.”