Extra reliability, less labour and good compatibility

Q-Eline offers many advantages in the production of rootstocks in stool beds. For a start, the plants, and therefore also the stool beds, are a lot less susceptible to frost than those of C quinces, and can tolerate temperatures down to about -25°C. This of course means extra reliability in propagation! It’s not surprising that interest in this rootstock has soared since the severe frost damage that fruit growers suffered in 2012.

Another major advantage is the plants’ bolt upright growth. The almost complete absence of branching implies a lot less pruning. On top of that, Q-Eline is also easier to sort, pack and stack. It is absolutely possible to produce eighty to a hundred plants per running metre of stool bed; that’s double the number that can be obtained with C quinces.

What’s more, Q-Eline is an extremely healthy rootstock that is very compatible with other pear varieties; it will grow together well with the variety grafted on it. Biennial propagation from bare-root grafting will often be possible!