Ronald Vermeulen

‘Q-Eline may be of great value for our Sweet Sensation concept’

Ronald Vermeulen, Agronomist (the Netherlands)

“Sweet Sensation is a relatively new pear variety whose global rights are managed by The Greenery. Our aim in our Sweet Sensation concept is to use worldwide standards to keep everything as simple as possible. This includes the best rootstock. Although the introduction of a new variety is always a long process and we haven’t yet gained that much experience with Sweet Sensation grafted on Q-Eline, our first impressions are positive. Right now, trials are being carried out in the Netherlands and Germany, and also in France, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, Canada, Chile, Argentine, South Africa, China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. They show that the trees grow better than on the standard C or BA 29 rootstocks. Other major advantages are the better production and quality of the rootstocks in the stool beds. So I expect that Q-Eline will have a favourable effect on the productivity, vitality and fruit quality of our Sweet Sensation, and will therefore be of great value for our Sweet Sensation concept.”